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    Honing Troubleshooting Guide

    We know that honing efficiency is important to your operation. That's why we've packaged together this set of honing troubleshooting guides to help your honing operation run at the highest efficiency possible.

    The guides below will troubleshoot frequent problems you'll likely encounter with your honing machine. You'll also be able to make adjustments on the fly with at-a-glance conversions. You'll soon be able to make the most out of your current honing operation, no matter what type of honing machine you're using.

    To access your essential package, simply fill out the short form below and we'll provide access to this handy honing troubleshooting guide immediately.

    The 5 Essential Honing Efficiency Guides includes:

    • Honing Troubleshooting Guide. This guide provides quick solutions to common problems experienced during honing. Simply identify your situation and follow the steps to resolve the issue.
    • Honing Reactions Guide. This quick-look sheet describes how to adjust RPM, reciprocation, and feed pressure to obtain the desired outcome of the project at hand.
    • Honing Spindle Speed Guide. This guide explains how the materials, bore diameters, abrasive size, and surface finish affect spindle speed settings.
    • Speed Conversion Chart. Eliminates the need to calculate SFM to RPM. We've already done the work for you! This chart makes it easy to locate the RPM you need at a quick glance.
    • Finish Specifications with Abrasives. Quickly find the abrasives you need, based on the material you're honing, and the type of finish you require.

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