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    OTW - Multi-stone/Nickel Alloys/Aluminum Oxide Honing Stones

    With dedicated in-house production facilities, Ohio Tool Works manufactures the honing industry's highest quality line of abrasive honing stones, including those for OTW - Multi-stone tools used to hone Nickel Alloys. Search our catalog below and buy online.

    Or use our Product Selector to re-order OTW part numbers or Sunnen Equivalents.

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    Aluminum Oxide

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    Product No.Grit SizeStone HardnessDimensions (Length x Width x Height)Mounting
    A44M8T4180M4.0000 x 0.3350 x 0.3750UNMOUNTED
    A44M8T8680M4.0000 x 0.2500 x 0.1870UNMOUNTED
    I44G10T19AI(IP)80G6.0000 x 0.3120 x 0.3120STEEL SHELL
    I44H8T3080H6.0000 x 0.6250 x 0.6250UNMOUNTED
    I44H8T30AT80H6.0000 x 0.6250 x 0.6250SPECIAL
    I44H8T3180H8.0000 x 0.6250 x 0.6250UNMOUNTED
    I44J8T2380J6.0000 x 0.3750 x 0.3750UNMOUNTED
    I44J8T23AM80J6.0000 x 0.3750 x 0.3750STEEL SHELL
    I44J8T2980J8.0000 x 0.5000 x 0.5000UNMOUNTED
    I44J8T29AS80J8.0000 x 0.5000 x 0.5000STEEL SHELL
    I44J8T41NS80J4.0000 x 0.3350 x 0.3750SPECIAL
    I44K8T2980K8.0000 x 0.5000 x 0.5000UNMOUNTED
    I44K8T29AS80K8.0000 x 0.5000 x 0.5000STEEL SHELL
    I44L8T2980L8.0000 x 0.5000 x 0.5000UNMOUNTED
    I44L8T29AS80L8.0000 x 0.5000 x 0.5000STEEL SHELL
    RA39Z19AIB24Z6.0000 x 0.3120 x 0.3120SPECIAL
    RA41X113AR36X8.0000 x 0.3750 x 0.3350STEEL SHELL
    RA41X123AH36X7.9900 x 0.3150 x 0.3150STEEL SHELL
    RA41X1336X4.0000 x 0.2500 x 0.2500UNMOUNTED
    RA41X13AC36X4.0000 x 0.2500 x 0.2500STEEL SHELL
    RA41X17AG36X4.0000 x 0.3120 x 0.3120STEEL SHELL
    RA41X19AI36X6.0000 x 0.3120 x 0.3120STEEL SHELL
    RA41X23AM36X6.0000 x 0.3750 x 0.3750STEEL SHELL
    RA41X24AN36X8.0000 x 0.3750 x 0.3750STEEL SHELL

    “Expertise; Professionalism; and Service: That's why we work with Ohio Tool Works.”

    — President
    Major Precision Honing Company
    Western Pennsylvania