The Big Picture of Precision Honing: Automotive Industry

The Big Picture of Precision Honing: Automotive Industry

When you work as an automotive shop tech, it’s easy to get lost in the daily grind of tasks and deadlines. You may forget your role as the person who keeps businesses and families running with efficient, operational vehicles. Precision honing is one of the ways you make sure you’re giving your best to the automotive components entrusted to your care.

How Precision Honing Makes a Difference

Honing is an important part of the engine rebuild process, reducing premature wear on engine components as well as improving performance and lowering emissions. Precisely and consistently honed engine parts are crucial to meeting environmental standards and providing a safe, durable product to drivers who count on a vehicle they can depend on.

Your Role in Precision Honing

In a way, honing can be considered a behind-the-scenes operation. Rather than standing out as a primary operation in producing a part, it falls into the background as one of the final steps in creating a high level of precision. As an automotive shop tech, you know that the fact that people often take honing for granted does not make it less important. In fact, you probably agree that this complex, finely tuned process is somewhat of an art form. Having the ability to offer precision honing is something to be proud of.

By adding honing as a value-added service to your capabilities, or by enhancing your honing services with machinery and tools to help you apply your knowledge to the highest level, you can become more competitive and profitable in your shop.

How Ohio Tool Works Can Help

Like you, we believe in the power of precision honing to make part components a step above the rest in performance and durability. We are proud to offer a broad range of highly versatile products that can keep quality parts flowing through your shop. We commit to monitor applications for their entire lifespan, ensuring that critical metrics are maintained to the last part.

For more information about how to stay on the leading edge of precision honing, contact us at 419-281-3700.

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