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    Ohio Tool Works Unveils Express Tooling Service

    We're pleased to unveil Express Tooling to quickly and easily provide our most popular sizes of tooling assemblies, components and stone holder to our customers.

    The new system features the most common tools across our customer base, in stock and ready for delivery.

    All tooling, components and stone holders purchased through the online RFQ tool are usually shipped within 48 hours of Ohio Tool Works receiving a purchase order. This quick turn-around is the core of the new program.

    The assemblies available through Express Tooling range in diameter from 1.25” to 14”, suitable for all major honing machines. Express Tooling also offers the components needed to extend tool life and the stone holders needed for the assemblies to work. All together, Express Tooling offers dozens of tooling assemblies, components and stone holders to choose from.

    There’s no guesswork required as to which components should be purchased. The online interface matches up the correct components with the appropriate tooling by part number, leaving no room for questions.

    Express Tooling also offers PDF diagrams of the tooling assemblies for added ease of use.

    The new service is a direct answer to our customers’ needs. Our responsiveness allows you to be more responsive to your own customers.

    Express Tooling isn’t our first online ordering effort. We also offer an online catalog of honing abrasives for fast, efficient quoting. We want to ensure you can continue your honing operations with as few disruptions as possible.

    Contact us today to learn more.

    “Expertise; Professionalism; and Service: That's why we work with Ohio Tool Works.”

    — President
    Major Precision Honing Company
    Western Pennsylvania