Honing Products

Ohio Tool Works designs and manufactures a world-class line of honing machines, tooling, and abrasives for nearly every industry and application.While other honing suppliers focus on one-off sales or one-size-fits-all tools, we provide our customers with tailored honing solutions and long-term partnerships. Whatever your part length, bore diameter, or required tolerance, our honing experts will work with you to find the best possible honing solution.

Our Honing Products Include:
OTW 3000 Horizontal Honing MachineHorizontal Honing Machines Covering bores sizes from 1 inch to greater than 40 inches, OTW’s innovative line up of single and twin spindle horizontal honing machines offer best-in-class durability and efficiency for a broad range of medium and heavy duty honing applications

OTW Vertical Honing MachineVertical Honing MachinesCovering bores sizes from 0.25 inches to greater than 24 inches, OTW’s single and multiple-spindle vertical honing machines are rugged and precise production platforms – offered as both standalone work-centers and integrated process solutions
Precision Honing ToolsHoning Tooling – Whether you need a complete custom tool or simply want to replace another manufacturer’s fixturing, OTW offers a complete range of standard, custom, and replacement tooling packages and components unsurpassed in design, precision, and durability
Vitrified Abrasives Choose from OTW’s industry-leading suite of standard, custom, and Sunnen style “conventional” stones. Our in house design and manufacturing provide for specialty formulations, total quality control, and a complete selection of grains, grades, grit sizes, formulations, and mounts to meet your specs

Metal Bond AbrasivesMetal Bond Abrasives Choose from our complete line up of diamond and CBN metalbonded honing stones for your higher stock removal applications. When long stone life and efficient production matter most, OTW’s standard, custom, and replacement “superabrasives” outperform the competition
Honing Fluids & AccessoriesHoning Fluids & Accessories Using the right honing coolants and accessories is an essential input to bore sizing precision and efficiency. OTW makes it easy with our specialty formulations and complete range of honing accessories