Honing Abrasives

Ohio Tool Works offers a complete line of vitrified and metal bond honing abrasives (honing stones) to meet your specific production needs and fit your existing honing equipment – regardless of manufacturer. With abrasive materials ranging from aluminum oxide and silicon carbide to diamond and CBN, our honing stones are available in a full assortment of bond types, grain sizes, custom and industry standard mounts.

Our Honing Stones Include:

Vitrified Abrasives Vitrified Abrasives – Choose from OTW’s industry-leading suite of standard and custom “conventional” abrasive materials, stones, and mounts. Our in house design and manufacturing resources provide for specialty formulations, total quality control, and a complete selection of grains, grades, grit sizes, formulations, and mounts to meet your specifications.

Metal Bond AbrasivesMetal Bond Abrasives – Choose from our complete line up of diamond and CBN “superabrasives” for your higher stock removal applications. When long stone life and efficient production matter most, OTW’s metal bonded abrasives outperform the competition

Sunnen Replacement AbrasivesSunnen Style & Replacement Abrasives – We stock the "H, K, L, P, & R" honing abrasives in all of the most popular abrasive sizes in both diamond and CBN. Our honing abrasives have been proven to perform superior to our competition for life and stock removal. And unlike the competition, we will respond quickly to your needs and tailor an abrasive/bond combination for your specific application

So whether your bore finishing machine was manufactured by Ohio Tool Works, Sunnen, Barnes, General Hone (or any other major honing brand), you can depend on Ohio Tool Works to provide you the industry’s best-performing abrasives.

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