Tooling Components

At Ohio Tool Works, we know that your operational efficiency can come down to a single tooling component. That's why we've designed and built a complete range of standard and custom parts to fit nearly every tooling system, eliminate operational downtime, and ensure maximum total tool life.   

Indeed, no matter what brand or diameter of honing tooling you currently use, OTW has you covered for all your tooling component needs. From expander pins through fixturing,  we offer the complete scope of new and replacement parts for all the industry standard tooling systems from Ohio Tool Works, Sunnen, General Hone, Barnes, and more.

As with all OTW products, the difference between our tooling components and our competitors' is total quality and precision.  

In addition to the adjoining chart, please review the Ohio Tool Works Tooling Catalog below to see our full line of honing tooling assemblies and components:

Ohio Tool Works Catalog

Our sales engineers are standing by to assist you with your specific tooling component needs. Please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

ProductSize Range
Expander Pins3.5" - 17"
Expander Plates2" and below - 8"
Universal Blocks1.25" - 16"
Drive Screws and Pins1.25" - 16"
Drive Shanks1.25" - 22"
Ring Nuts1.25" - 22"
Cones1" - 16"
Cone Rod Components1.25" - 24"
Utilization1.25" - 16"
Spindle Nuts N/A - 2.25" Spline
Spindle Drive KeysN/A
Split Collars1.25" - 2.25" Spline
Driveshaft AssembliesUp to 1" - 6"
Driveshaft Socket0.75"- 3"
Drive Keys0.75" - 3" OTW
Key Sleeve0.75" - 3"
Driveshaft Shanks2" - MPS Yoke
Feed Rod Cap0.75" - 4"
Feed Screw Assembly2" - 3"
Rotary Feed ScrewN/A 
Adjusting Head2" - 4"
Drive Adapters2" - 4"
Morse Taper ShanksN/A
Adusting Head GearsN/A
Retaining Springs0.625" x 6" - 0.25" x 12"
Spanner Wrenches(0.75" - 2") - (2" - 4.75")
Pigtail Springs1.25" Tools - 1.5" + Tools
OTW FixturesN/A
Fixture ComponentsN/A