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    Honing Supplies

    honing supplies

    Ohio Tool Works offers a one-stop solution for all your honing needs, including honing machinery, tooling, abrasives and a wide assortment of honing supplies.

    Whether provided as part of a complete honing solution, a just-in-time consumables supply program or on an individual as-needed basis, OTW’s complete line of top-quality honing accessories are designed to keep your honing equipment running as cleanly, efficiently and accurately as possible.

    View our honing supplies below or download our tooling, abrasives and supplies catalog for more details..

    Contact OTW for your honing supplies or call 419-281-3700.

    “Expertise; Professionalism; and Service: That's why we work with Ohio Tool Works.”

    — President
    Major Precision Honing Company
    Western Pennsylvania