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    Honing Support Services

    quality precision

    Ohio Tool Works’ honing equipment is so simply designed, well-built and easy to operate that one would think you’d never hear from us after buying our machines. The truth is, OTW maintains strong, long-term relationships with its customers based on our honing support services, which help you maximize honing precision and productivity.

    Our expertise in all things related to honing enables OTW to offer its honing support services to any honing company, regardless of the brand of machine they use.

    Preventive Maintenance and Field Repair

    In addition to having the right honing machine, tooling and abrasives for your honing application, it’s important to also have a regular preventive maintenance program in place and a go-to number in case anything should go wrong.

    OTW honing field service technicians are skilled at providing unbiased assessments and practical preventive maintenance and repair recommendations, regardless of the brand, age or condition of your honing equipment.

    Initial machine assessments include:

    • General condition of honing equipment
    • Proper functionality
    • Basic safety
    • Performance standards
    • Tooling inspection

    Offered globally, OTW’s field service program ensures that your honing systems withstand the rigors of the most arduous honing jobs, with maximum productivity, precision and duration.

    Technical Support Availability

    Monday-Friday – 7 am-4:30 pm EST

    Tel. 419-281-3700

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    Operator and Maintenance Training  

    OTW is well-suited to provide honing training for companies hiring replacement workers or expanding their honing operations. Our comprehensive honing training class, which provides both machine operator training and maintenance training, enables your new workers to hit the ground running. 

    This program is designed to provide generalized honing training regardless of the brand of machine your workers will be operating, along with thorough hands-on training on your company’s machines.

    Our trusted and knowledgeable technicians cover a wide range of topics, including:

    • General honing techniques
    • Tooling and abrasive selection
    • Achieving optimal performance
    • Gaging and measuring techniques
    • Basic equipment care

    Training is offered either at our OTW facility or on-site at our customers’ plants with half-day to multi-day sessions available based on your needs. No minimum number of employees is required.

    Application Support & Custom Solutions

    As a result of OTW’s extensive experience working with honing companies that produce simple-to-complex parts in a variety of industries, we’re able to provide our customers with application support and custom solutions for their most challenging honing issues.

    Our knowledgeable and committed team of customer-facing engineers can guide you through the process of making the correct product selection and then putting it into use in the best means you have available. We’ll help you answer the questions you’ll need to understand and the decisions you’ll need to make to set a successful honing project into motion:

    • Whether honing is the best finishing process for the application
    • What you’re starting out with and what you hope to achieve by honing
    • What tooling, abrasives, oil and filtration are needed for the best outcome

    We’ll also help you with your honing issues, including:

    • Ways to increase throughput and improve part quality
    • Time and cost-per-part studies
    • Onsite troubleshooting and support
    • Honing cycle optimization

    Our engineers can review your entire honing process and provide you solutions that help you meet your requirements for output and precision.

    Inventory on Demand Program

    Every honing company is challenged with keeping inventory costs low while ensuring the availability of the right abrasives exactly when you need them.

    Ohio Tool Works solves that problem for customers with its Inventory on Demand program for honing tooling and abrasives. No matter what brand of honing machine you use, we’ll get you the tooling and abrasives you need, when you need them, through a complete, custom consumables consignment program.  Customers can provide us with a forecast of the materials they’ll need and we’ll manage their inventory, enabling honing companies to pay for honing stones only as they use them.

    Our Inventory on Demand program cuts inventory costs and maximizes honing productivity, adding more profit to your bottom line.

    Plant, Equipment Moves

    Planning a move or relocation of honing equipment? OTW field technicians can help you with proper installation of your honing machinery.

    Contact OTW or call 419-281-3700 for assistance with your honing issues.

    “Expertise; Professionalism; and Service: That's why we work with Ohio Tool Works.”

    — President
    Major Precision Honing Company
    Western Pennsylvania