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Product No.Grit SizeStone HardnessDimensions (Length x Width x Height)Mounting
K52M8T19400M6.0000 x 0.3120 x 0.3120UNMOUNTED
K52M8T19-RM400M6.0000 x 0.3120 x 0.3120SPECIAL
K52M8T8400M2.0000 x 0.3120 x 0.3120UNMOUNTED
K53H8T19AI500H6.0000 x 0.3120 x 0.3120STEEL SHELL
K53I8T19AI500I6.0000 x 0.3120 x 0.3120STEEL SHELL
K53J8T119500J2.7600 x 0.1570 x 0.1575UNMOUNTED
K53J8T17500J4.0000 x 0.3120 x 0.3120UNMOUNTED
K53J8T17AG500J4.0000 x 0.3120 x 0.3120STEEL SHELL
K53J8T19500J6.0000 x 0.3120 x 0.3120UNMOUNTED
K53J8T19AI500J6.0000 x 0.3120 x 0.3120STEEL SHELL
K53J8T20500J3.0000 x 0.3750 x 0.3750UNMOUNTED
K53J8T20AJ500J3.0000 x 0.3750 x 0.3750STEEL SHELL
K53J8T21500J4.0000 x 0.3750 x 0.3750UNMOUNTED
K53J8T21AK500J4.0000 x 0.3750 x 0.3750STEEL SHELL
K53J8T23500J6.0000 x 0.3750 x 0.3750UNMOUNTED
K53J8T23AM500J6.0000 x 0.3750 x 0.3750STEEL SHELL
K53J8T24500J8.0000 x 0.3750 x 0.3750UNMOUNTED
K53J8T24AN500J8.0000 x 0.3750 x 0.3750STEEL SHELL
K53J8T29500J8.0000 x 0.5000 x 0.5000UNMOUNTED
K53J8T29AS500J8.0000 x 0.5000 x 0.5000STEEL SHELL
K53J8T39500J5.0000 x 0.2500 x 0.3125UNMOUNTED
K53J8T39AH500J5.0000 x 0.2500 x 0.3125STEEL SHELL
K53J8T40500J6.0000 x 0.2500 x 0.3125UNMOUNTED
K53J8T73500J0.5000 x 0.3750 x 0.3750UNMOUNTED

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