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    Why Ohio Tool Works

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    When it comes to successful honing, there’s more to the equation than buying the right machine. Having the right combination of honing machine (either vertical or horizontal), tooling, abrasives, honing oil and filtration along with the knowledge to meet application-specific requirements are all critical to ensuring maximum throughput and optimum part quality.

    Customers don’t come to Ohio Tool Works just to buy honing products; they come for complete honing solutions and honing process expertise.

    They’re looking for a business partner who can help them find a simple-to-use, well-built honing machine that will stand the test of time in strength, durability and precision, one that can be easily maintained with commercially available components.

    They’re looking for high-quality tooling and a broad selection of honing stones in various materials, bond types, grain sizes and mounts, delivered exactly when they need them.

    They’re looking for application knowledge and accessibility to engineers who are available to answer questions quickly when needed.

    They’re looking for recommendations for the most appropriate tooling, abrasives, filtration and honing accessories to use for their specific applications.

    They’re looking for ongoing support and services for production troubleshooting, honing machine maintenance and operator training.

    Quite simply put, they’re looking for Ohio Tool Works.

    Contact OTW for assistance with your honing needs or call 419-281-3700.

    “Expertise; Professionalism; and Service: That's why we work with Ohio Tool Works.”

    — President
    Major Precision Honing Company
    Western Pennsylvania