Metal Bond Abrasives

We offer several different "Metalbonded" Honing abrasive combinations to fit your application. We will tailor a bond for your specific application to increase tool life as well as tailor an abrasive to meet your specific surface finish requirements. Abrasive selections include CBN and diamond.

When utilizing "Metalbond" opposed to "Vitrified" bonds, The life of the abrasive increases greatly. The bonds can be altered to give the operator excellent abrasive life thus increasing productivity.

We Stock The Most Popular Abrasive Sizes. Most In Stock Orders Ship Within 24 Hours Of Reciept Of Order.

  • Metal Bond Abrasives
  • Metal Bond Abrasives
  • Metal Bond Abrasives
Bond Available • Premium metal bonds
• Modifiers to change honing characteristics
Diamond Abrasives • Synthetic diamond with consistent raw material
• Natural diamond
• Grit sizes 16/18 thru 6000 mesh
CBN Abrasives • Microcrystalline CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride) (premium abrasive from US manufacturer) consistent premium raw material 20/30 thru 325/400 mesh
• Monocrystalline CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride) (premium abrasive from US manufacturer) consistent premium
Mounts Available • All standard mounts are available
• Special mountings (Based on customer requirements)
Geometries Available        • All standard heights, widths, lengths
• Modified standard: blind hole, hard tips, abrasive length variations (based on applications)
• Pre-radius and pre-conditioned
Concentrations Concentrations available from 10con thru 150con
Honing Abrasive Sizes & Shapes • All standard shapes and sizes are available
• Mounted on steel, aluminum or brass (up to 12” length)
• Unmounted sticks available .062”-.500” height/width and 6” length

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