The Big Picture of Precision Honing: Aerospace Industry

The Big Picture of Precision Honing: Aerospace Industry

When you work as a technician in the fast-paced aerospace industry, it’s easy to get lost in a world of details and deadlines. Dedicating yourself to precision honing is one of the ways you ensure you’re giving your best to the components entrusted to your care.

How Precision Honing Makes a Difference

There’s a reason you went into the aerospace industry: your work empowers people to defy the laws of gravity! Unlike many other parts, aerospace components are exposed to a wide variety of environmental and atmospheric conditions and must be extremely precise to achieve consistent performance from take-off to landing. Honing is an efficient method of achieving precise sizes and finishes to achieve optimal sealing ability between moving parts.

Your Role in Precision Honing

Rather than standing out as a primary operation in producing a part, honing often falls into the background as one of the final steps in creating a high level of precision. But even though honing may be taken for granted, you know there is nothing secondary about it. This complex, finely tuned process is somewhat of an art form. Having the ability to offer precision honing for aerospace components is essential to safe, efficient flight, and it’s a skill to be proud of.

By adding honing as a value-added service to your capabilities, or by enhancing your honing services with machinery and tools to help you apply your knowledge to the highest level, you can become more competitive and profitable in your business.

How Ohio Tool Works Can Help

Many of the aerospace components you produce are unique and highly sought after in a competitive industry. We can provide you with a specialized product that perfectly fits your application, often at prices comparable to our standard products. This means you get a honing solution tailored specifically to your needs, at a price that allows you to stay competitive in the aerospace marketplace.

For more information about how to stay on the leading edge of precision honing, contact us at 419-281-3700.

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