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    Precision Honing Technologies: Machines, Tooling & Abrasives

    Precision honing. For our customers, that term likely means the accuracy they’ve come to expect from our well-known OTW vertical and horizontal honing machines.


    The Right Product

    Precision Honing means helping you find the right honing machine or abrasive stones for your specific application – in the very first interaction.

    Advanced Capabilities

    Precision Honing means pushing the technical capabilities of our machines with advanced controls and connectivity – to increase your productivity.

    Streamlined Purchasing

    Precision Honing means leveraging technology to launch the industry’s first online abrasives e-commerce website – which streamlines your purchasing process.

    Simple and Agile

    Precision Honing means delivering solutions that you can install and begin using quickly, that simplify the honing process for production workers – while providing the flexibility to meet ever-changing production needs.

    Long Term ROI

    Precision Honing means repeatability you can count on for a long life cycle. Our durable, powerful machines are built with standardized components that simplify maintenance procedures – thereby increasing longevity.

    Explore our honing machine solutions, or join OTW’s technological revolution by buying your abrasive stones online.

    Recent Updates

    We're pleased to unveil Express Tooling to quickly and easily provide our most popular sizes of tooling assemblies, components and stone holder to our customers. The new system features the most ...